International project management services

Semat Group



Heikki Mikkola, LL.M, Semat Group, COB

The history of Semat Group

The story of Semat Group started in 2002 when Sematronics was founded in Finland. Now our operations consist of three main companies, who are providing services internationally in different industrial fields. Our business is growing together with our customers worldwide.  Our project management business is our core know-how which supports our other focus operations like trading and renewable energy businesses.

The members of our international personnel have Doctor's, M.Sc or B.Sc in Engineering . We provide a wide range of project management, specialist, trading and sales services in different industries. Our operations are located in Finland and in Shanghai, China. Semat Group headquarter is located in Finland, near Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

Semat Group companies are owned by Finnish and international investors and our key personnel.

  • Our vision is to be global operator in different industrial branches, where project management is one of the main success factor
  • Our business idea is to provide competitive and interesting services and products to our customers efficiently via our global operations
  • We are ready to take risks and be the most flexible partner to find best business model with our customers or co-operators.

We respect professional service attitude and experience in our personnel and operations.

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