International project management services

Semat China Ltd.


Semat China specializes in global high-technology sales, business opening and development. Our focus is on international renewable energy technology projects. We manage and steer industrial and versatile high-technology projects for our customers worldwide.

Our office is located in Shanghai, China, where our international and Chinese personnel serve our global customer network.

We have special know-how and experience in the following areas:

  • Wind energy projects
  • Solar cell projects
  • Industrial projects
  • International project management
  • Government level relationships
  • Executive management consulting

We operate with governments and authorities globally.

  • Our vision is to be the leading Finnish project operator in worldwide renewable energy business
  • Our global business concept is to sell high technology renewable energy products and international project services at a competitive price level
  • Our services are offered with a fixed-price or at daily rates. We sell products by sales provision. Business model is agreed case by case in co-operation with partner or customer
  • Our values are professionalism, trust and long-term business relationships

We have long experience of worldwide renewable energy and industrial projects. Our success in global business is based on long-term co-operation and relations with government level authorities and on our international finance and business partner network. Semat China brings versatile professionals together to reach customer specific international business targets.

Links to Finnish and global co-operation network:

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